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461 vs 462

Everett Phillipston

Everett Phillipston

ArboristSite Operative
May 6, 2018
I have a NIB 462 here, but to save one pound over a 440?

That 440 hybrid will mop the floors with that 462. That’s my bet.

The fastest hybrid I saw beat a ported 462 through a 24” cant by 5 seconds, consistently. Even the slower ones beat the 462 by 4 seconds.

It’s not all about speed, the AV and ergonomics on the 462 are very good. But for balls-to-the-wall power, the hybrid will win.

If you need one big saw, 461. It’s a quad port 460.
Well, don't think you can go wrong with either, but edge went to the 461 for me. The only thing that almost pushed me the other way was how much lighter the 462 is. With one in each hand it's obvious 462 is much lighter. View attachment 748793 .
It sounds to me like the 462 with a standard carb is the cats ass. I’m not anti mtronic, but I have a 362 standard which literally puts a smile on my face. I can only imagine the performance from its big brother. I’ve been going through this same debate: 461 vs 462 vs hold out for the 500i. I think ima save myself the better part of a grand and get the 462 with a 24”. I already have a 390xp with a 28 and I can throw the 32 skip on if need be
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