Aint you ever done anything crazy?

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    Heard this one from someone else and decided to share.

    Theres an older man - about 65 or so - checking out in a grocery store and he notices the young man at the cashier register scanning groceries has all different colors in his hair - blue, and red and purple and green and yellow - all the colors of the rainbow are in it.

    Well the old man just cant help but look and shake his head as he gets closer in line and the young man notices this and rolls his eyes, smerking as the old man gets closer. Finally the old man reaches the register and begins checking out - staring at the young man again as he hands him his money - the young man, finally having enough says in a smart tone

    "whats wrong with you old man? What the hells your problem? Aint you ever done anything crazy before?"

    The old man just smiles at the young cashier and replies calmly

    "Well son, actually i have...about 25 years ago, i got drunk and screwed a parrot and i was just wondering if you might be my kid"

    Hope you guys enjoyed this one :)

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