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Another silver maple ...



New Member
Jun 16, 2020
Cleveland, OH.
Hello ... this is my first post. Like another recent poster, I'm wondering about a large silver maple near (and partially over) the house I recently moved into. The tree is actually growing from the tree-lawn (so technically is the city's responsibility.)

Here it is:

The lowest/furthest branch in the picture lays over the rear part of the house. The other branches lay over the backyard.

By all accounts, it's a well-behaved tree. Despite being sandwiched between the sidewalk and road, there's no sign of root damage, nor am I aware of any foundation damage it's ever caused to the home (which is over 100 years old.)

Any thoughts? I'd hate to see it go, but wouldn't mind seeing it lose a limb or too ... however I'm not sure how pressing it is or how much risk it poses.
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