Anyone know the most dynamic/elastic *hollow-braid* cordage(s)? Preferably 12 strand (for whoopies)

Discussion in 'Climbing and Rigging Equipment' started by eye.heart.trees, Nov 27, 2019.

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    Or maybe loopies, haven't compared the two thoroughly enough yet (maybe both!)

    I dislike tenex/yalex, consider it far too-stiff / static a cordage to be optimal (I have some 3/4" and know it works fine, but since I'm making all my own slings I'd rather choose optimal cordage so far it's been Polydyne 3/4" but I want moving-splice stuff like loopies, Ultraslings and the like, hell even V-splices and brummels for putting a thimble into a looped piece of cord)

    I figure there's gotta be some all/mostly nylon-based, 12-strand hollow-core out there (or maybe a 16 strand hollow would work as well? Have never used a loopie/whoopie, although if I had to go with a 16 strand to get the dynamic-capacity I seek *and* it couldn't do loopies/sliding-splices but could still 'go through itself' IE 'Ultrasling' type pocketing, I'd still be very happy with that!)

    I imagine that the difference between 12-strand // 16-strand is important I just don't know if 16-strand hollows eliminate sliding-splices (whoopies) and/or Ultrasling/brummel type 'through itself' pocketing, just as the type of specific cordage IE its surface's friction-coefficient when it coems to a sliding-splice (am guessing that's how T-Rex is used this way, despite having a visibly-tighter core than Tenex-TEC)

    Thanks a ton for any&all info on dynamic hollow braids I could make cool spliced-slings from!! As said I prefer polydyne for double-braids (may give atlas a try for some slings next wesspur order!), bull line and anchorage slings I see no reason to use different cordages just different diameters, but want to do splices that require hollow-braids w/o having to go to a 1.5% elasticity line like Tenex-TEC!

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