Autumn Blaze Maple - Odd Leaf Discoloration

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    20180905_182843.jpg 20180905_182154.jpg 20180905_182557.jpg Hello, all.

    We have a nice Autumn Blaze Maple in our front yard. We have had the tree here for approximately seven years and it's doubled size since then. She did have a pretty bad Applehead Borer attack the first year it was in, but has healed well. The tree always has a thick canopy.

    I noticed today that there is an odd branch with strangely colored leaves. While I think they look 'cool', I have never seen something like this. We have had rather wet, humid, weather, with periods of higher temperatures. The tree is on the West side of the house, and the area shown with the odd colored leaves is on the South side. Soil is heavy clay (like most new sub-divisions where they strip topsoil).

    Thoughts on this?

    Thanks in advance -

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    My neighbor's oak tree did a similar thing last fall with the leaf color. No idea what caused it, but the tree came in just fine this year.

    We've had trees start to drop leaves here too. Same weather this summer as you. I don't know that I would worry about it. For starters, it's not the usual annual leaf drop, so I wouldn't expect the leaf colors to be "proper". Also, I've seen maple trees do weird things with autumn leaf colors. 2 trees right next to each other... 1 is red, the other yellow. I've seen different colors on different limbs of the same tree. They are beautiful though.

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