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    Had to share this one too - this is a Chick Wilfong joke.

    A man sitting in a bar one day having a cold beer relaxing making small talk with his bar tender notices a large pickle jar sitting up on the bar stuffed with $10 bills in it. After about 2 beers he finally gets too curious and askes

    "Whats with the jar full of money?"

    The bartender replies

    "Its the bar room challenge - how it works is you put in your $10 and if you complete 3 tasks you win the jar of money."

    Well naturally the guy asks "like what kinda tasks?"

    Bar tender replies "well first you see that big old fellar sitting at the end of the bar?" - the guy nods yes - "well you gotta knock him out with one single punch. If you can get by him we got a lusty old gal lives upstairs whos never been satisfied by any man ever. If you can satisfy that woman the last thing you gotta do is go out the backdoor - and in our little pond outback there is an alligator with an abscess tooth - pull that gators tooth, come on back in and collect your money."

    The guy laughs and tells the bar tender "well, i dont beleive i want many parts of that guy down the bar, much less the gator or that cheap woman."

    Well about 4 or 5 beers later, and a few tequila shots, and another 3 or 4 beers and another few shots - that old boy stands up, gives the bar tender his 10 dollars - walks down to the end of the bar and without missing a beat just takes one hard swing at the big guy drinking his beer and just lays the big man out cold with one shot - literally smokes the guy off of his barstool.

    The guy - proud of himself - stumbles back down the bar, gets another tequila shot and heads out the back door. Well then comes the loudest noises of gator growling - water splashing - grown man screaming - you have ever heard in your life. This goes on and on for about 10 or 15 minutes until finally it all quiets down.

    The guy comes stumbling in the bar from through that back door - shirt all ripped up and torn to pieces, scratches everywhere - stumbles to the bar - takes another tequila shot - smiles, and says to the bar tender:

    "Ok, its done - now wheres that hooker with the sore tooth?"

    Hope yall liked this one :)

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