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Been made to feel welcome here over the years.

Husky Man

Husky Man

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Sep 28, 2017
Mt Hood, Oregon
I'm not clicking like on that.

Godspeed, sir.

I understand what you are saying, I don’t “Like” the Message He is posting, but I Like the Man, if another “Like” and a post from Me, Helps him understand how many enjoyed his company, maybe it will help him through the Trials he has ahead of him
Stay Strong Al.

Doug :cheers:


Tree Freak
Jun 17, 2013
Have an older customer I've sold wood to for 5 or 6 years.
The last few years he's elected to come pick it up.
Last year he got the cord loaded and said it'd likely be the last.
I figured he'd decided it was too much work, getting rid of the stove, etc.

Nope, he's got stage 4 lung cancer and Drs said "maybe a few months".
I certainly felt like crap not helping him load his truck.

He picked up a cord this spring and was doing good. The chemo was going well. Even put on some weight.

So... keep your stick on the ice. Only the Lord knows when it's our time.


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Nov 24, 2015
Yes some what by those like clickers some.

I feel I have been made welcome here by many from hunters to lovers of classic cars such as my Buick.

This a heads up of sorts for some one to remember this post I made on the 4th day of knowing I have a body full of cancer and may come up missing some day and cause some to wonder what ever happened to asholeAl?

I must say I was totally shocked and full of wonder when told I have cancer in my lungs, tummy, intestines and the pancerist to name the knowen at this time my fifth day of knowing.

So to those who have taken the time to answer a post I made I say thank you for the years I have been able to spend here.

well al i am if there is anything i can do for you from tulsa okla i will help you .. ima pm my phone #.cause i am kinda like to talk kinda person. i dont post much cause i type with 1 finger. but i talk to much if you ever wanta just bullshit on the phone call me.