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Best chainsaw stihl made?

Tom B.

Tom B.

ArboristSite Operative
Oct 14, 2019
Maybe someone will get it........

Maybe the younger guys......
I believe it's something along the lines of "What's the most sensitive part of a boy when he reaches puberty? His ears.
Might take a few mins for people to get that lol.
NIP Group


Addicted to ArboristSite
Jul 22, 2019
I have been a husky guy a long time.
I always jnew power per lb and speed per lb stihl was better.

I am a wound up guy that forgets where things are.

Husqvarna got me off its hard body just like me.

Now husky is a flake apart pos in the smaller saws.

I dont see how people can argue that have ran both. There are good saws on both sides.

Stihl is the single greatest two stoke engine made on average.

Not saying some huskys are worse. I mean on average stihl 2-strokes kick butt.

I feel like I would be able to say the same about husky if they hadn't spread into mowers and other non-handheld equip.

They tried and failed before.

If the morons would just run on the 395 platform and scale it doen and up I would have no issue. Instead they shot for "beat the weight/power ratio and they cannot touch stihl in that department.

Precisely why I scoff at the 390 husky.