Best log splitter I've ever used. SPLIT-FIRE 2way 3265

Discussion in 'Arabic' started by Axe_Man78, Jun 23, 2018.

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    Hey everyone.

    I posted a few months back looking for advise on a new splitter. I had been looking at the SPLIT-FIRE and after looking around I decided to pull the trigger on a 2way 3265. Since then I've thrown a stack of cords throw it and could be happier.

    With the 2way split (forward and reverse) whether it's just me or with my boys, I'm cutting the splitting time in half.

    As an add-on Kyle (their sales manager) talked me into getting the hydraulic log lifter and my back couldnt thank him more. 300lb round with no issues.

    Long story short, if your looking to buy quality, SPLIT-FIRE is your only option.

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    I'm glad you're happy with your new splitter. Post up some pictures or a video when you have a minute.

    Let's not get carried away though. I'm glad to know that they make a quality unit. Are they the only choice for a quality unit though? Nope.
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    It was all good until :rolleyes:.
    OP, one thing you'll find is what works for one person in one situation doesn't always work the best for another in their situation.
    I typically buy the husky 22ton unit's, faster than the 25/28 tons(in the wood I split), and way cheaper. The big logs I just noodle up or lift with my tractor loader, no need for a lift. I also on't keep a splitter around long as I don't want to store them until I get a pole barn. The best priced ones are the huskys and sometimes the county lines, but the price of a split-fire os way more and I usually make money on a splitter when I sell it.
    You should do a thread about how many cords a yr you burn and what saws you are running, the only posts you've made is about the split-fire.
    Keep an open mind, and you just might change yours:cheers:.
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