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Bored on the Ark

Discussion in 'Joke and Funny Picture Forum' started by Gugi47, Aug 4, 2018.

  1. Gugi47

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    Sep 22, 2015
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    South-East Pennsylvania USA
    Bored on the Ark

    It was a quiet day on the Ark and Noah was getting bored, so he told his wife that he was going to relieve the tedium by going off on a fishing expedition.

    “That’s a good idea,” she said. “You could do with a break.”

    Noah collected his equipment and set off, but thirty minutes later he was back and still complaining that he was bored.

    His wife said: “I didn’t expect you back so soon. If you’re that bored, why did you stop fishing after only half an hour?”

    Noah replied: “I only had two worms.”
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