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Woody Longbranch

Woody Longbranch

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Jan 28, 2016
I hadn't even put the chain on it yet I just brought it up to New Hampshire and I sharpened a fairly new chain. Brett Carter treated me right shipped the saw fast. It's started really easy cold ans started really easy hot and that was a hundred footer that a 28in bar wouldn't make it through. That particular bar that's on it the picture is only a 24-inch by and I took that picture to show it to my friend who is a logger in Maine. When I got to New Hampshire I saw how big the tree was and I put a 28 inch bar on it and sharpened the chain.
What I actually did is I got a throw ball way up in the crotch only half way up and I broke off a lot of dead branches and then I ran 150 ft 5/8 rope out to a snatch block and then I brought the end of the rope back into the guy's yard where I proceeded to put some tension on it with the ball hitch on my pickup truck to see if the Rope was high enough in the angle was good enough to give it leverage to go away from the house.
Then I made my notch, had to come in from two sides cuz 28-inch by wouldn't make it across and I wanted to see how deep the rot went into the base. I checked the tension again.I made the back cut with the tension on it. You and I know I know it's no big deal
IT was only 35 to 37 in across I didn't even measure it. My point is that Brett Carter performance saw ran good and the guy treated me right
I want to give him credit in the hot saw forum
I thought the notch was respectable.
I debated seriously about not even putting the rope in the tree but it had a lead that was going away from the fall and almost equal in size to the main stem . It's my friend's elderly father house and there was also a large propane tank above ground and I wanted to make sure that the big main double didn't separate from the lead that went towards the house and propane cuz you can see this some rot in it. So to err on the side of safety I made a project out of it. There was another big even bigger pine tree then I didn't want it to get hung up on and I steered it right where I wanted it to go, granted it had a rope on it with tension on it
It's my first hot saw I was just dying to tell everybody about it. If it was in the woods I would have just dropped it I wouldn't even used the rope or the chainsaw . I would have chewed through the thing with my teeth. But then nobody would know about it it wouldn't be in this form and Brett Carter performance Saws out of Kentucky wouldn't get credit.


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