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Cannon Duralite 28" bar in my hands now :)

Definitive Dave

Definitive Dave

wanna-be saw racer, saw hoarder, parts whore
Jul 27, 2013
the voices in my head tell me to buy chainsaws

So I might have the first retail commercial Cannon Duralite bar that they shipped to a dealer.
And just in time to go to Randy's GTG for all you maniacs to abuse and enjoy.
They shipped it to me last Monday and it arrived today, it is sexy, light and rigid. It's a lot stiffer than i expected.
2.98 pounds
Two tone silver with black.
This one is a 28" in .063 3/8"
There will be special pricing available at the GTG as well.
available in 3/8" .050 for 24" and 28" (list is $201 and $227)
available in 3/8" .063 for 28", 32" and 36" ( list $227, $258, $295)
if you want GTG pricing please send me a PM about the bar you are interested in I will not post them
IMG_1841.JPG IMG_1843.JPG IMG_1844.JPG


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Aug 29, 2013
Very nice. Purchased my first lighter weight bar today. Should have waited, heard they where coming. That Cannon bar on tablet is old and has required very little dressing and is still in nice condition, purchased the Sugihara to see what all this light weight talk was about. We will see if IMG_8609.JPG Sugihara (0.6 lbs lighter than Cannon) holds up as well.
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