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CENTRAL PA GTG. October 26,2019. (nuthin fancy)

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A little bit of everything
Oct 19, 2009
That was a 3 stem Oak that was shaped like a Chevron.

Any update on how Zogger is doing?
On the positive side: Fingers crossed he is done with treatment. Tests this week will show if the successive rounds of chemo and radiation got everything.

On the negative side: He’s still too weak to work, he’ll need to use a feeding tube for several months, and he’s saddled with a high 5 figure bill for medical treatments that insurance/assistance didn’t cover.


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Jan 5, 2014
Brewster, NY
I’m probably only bringing the ported 9010. Maybe the 3/8 lp converted 490. Everything else I have is kinda common.
Thank you for that Fiskars, I'm guessing it is an early one! Seems identical to an X-27, but is not so marked, and has an all black handle and a different edge protector. I like having oddball stuff, like my mini 14 that has the wood top barrel protector (all the newer ones have vented plastic). It will be used!

That 9010 was nice in the big wood, as was that Scarr 395.

I was also very impressed with the MOFO Hybrid with the Dall chain on it.

Real nice to be able to run all different stuff.

As the old saying goes, "There is more than one way to skin a cat"!