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Discussion in 'Homeowner Helper Forum' started by bowtechmadman, Aug 30, 2018.

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    Looking for some suggestions or even donations.
    I'm looking for some old saws don't really care what brand and in non-running condition. I got the ok from the sexy boss to put a chainsaw tree next to my mailbox. Little background I have a chainsaw tree in my barn (old maple w/ several burls) that I bore cut and can store about 15 or so saws in that I stood up inside my barn and have it notched into the rafter.
    I've been wanting to create a similar one outside for yard art also will serve as my mail box post. Now I'm on the hunt for some old saws with bars with some great patina to create a chainsaw tree as my mailbox post.
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    I considered a log saw holder(saw tree) as well, I went w/ shelves. I saw Buckin make one and I thought it was pretty cool. You can fit a lot of saws in one little spot compared to shelves. I was planning on stripping off all bark and possibly polyurethane to seal it. But back to your post ebay and these forums may be the best spot to find beat up old rusty saws. Make sure you got at least 1 yellow saw in that saw tree.

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