?? convert 3.3 Craftsman to Chrome Bore??

Discussion in 'Modded Work Saws' started by mixxer, Jan 11, 2019.

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    I know you guys are the ones who know ..!!

    I'm a 58 year old gearhead who loves hot rodding everything from dirt bikes to cars to my saws...

    Professionally built and built / ported off road machines and owned dynojet dynos for years, so with help from true saw guys, I hope to catch on quick ...

    But I have never been a guru on the wide world of detailed saw info... 2 strokes and engines basics, yes ... Saw details in particular, no...

    The gist of it .. just bought a Craftsman 3.3 thinking it would be a decent mid sized poulan...

    Bummed out to find chrome piston and aluminum bore ..

    Anyone know what poulan or husky cylinder and piston kit would be a bolt on to swap it all to chrome bore??

    I know this is kinda like putting silk stockings on a pig, but I already bought the dang pig...

    Save me..

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