DIY Trunk Injection- Suggestions/Help Needed

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    Hey all-
    So I have quite a few trees in need of macro trunk injections but only have enough kits to do two at a time. Some days injections take longer than others but I’m always still waiting for one to finish before I can start the next. The prices on the kits that I have and the number of different kits available is incredibly high, especially appearing that the kits themselves cost a fraction of retail price.
    I have enough equipment (tubing, product, trunk insertions, etc) to do more trees at the same time, but just not enough of the kits/reservoirs. So my questions to anyone whom may have some suggestions are-

    1) Does anyone have some ideas or experience where they could suggest how to do these injections with a DIY homemade type reservoir for the water/chemical? Like is there away to prep and hookup to a tree and pressurize the system with a actual macro-infusion kit, but then once pressurized, quickly changing the tube connecting to the kit to a different homemade type reservoir with the solution already in. I’m thinking if there is such a way that pressurizing the “diy reservoir” would be a bigger challenge but if the changing the the leading tube is done quickly that some pressure would remain to continue the injection.

    2) With the very high prices of macro-infusion kits available and a very limited budget, would anyone happen to know of someone or somewhere that would have used/discounted injection systems for sale?

    Thanks in advance for any help!


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