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    So my grandad who was like a father to me had a sachs dolmar he always used. I wanted to buy ahusky forever and made fun of his rediculous sounding saw.

    He passed away and i found a saw which was a dolmar 5105. My first gas saw. Previous owner beat the [email protected] out of it.

    Never been cleaned. Broken chain catch, lotta abuse. Took it all apart, wirebrushed, nylon brushed, toothbrushed, wirewheeled, degreased, qtipped, pressure washed, man i cleaned the hell out of it. My grandad took really good care of his tools, and his saw was used for well over 30 years.

    Long story short, too late, this thing is cleaner than it was after its first use. I still wanna replace muffler. Need new air filter, new plug, fuel filter, chain catch. Shes looking like a shelf queen and may stay that way.

    I have an extra screw left over.

    After dissasembling carbeurator, and putting everything back, which was a struggle for my first time, im 99% sure its put back together properly.

    Imma let her air out overnight and wanna fire her up in the morning.

    Is there anything i should doublecheck before i fire it back up?

    Just a lil nervous in case i missed something, dont want to damage it after $300, 5 hour drive, $50 in gas, $10 in tools and about 12 hours of work and cleaning.

    Any advice on things to double check?

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