Draft regulator and flue temperatures

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    I’ve been lurking here reading this group for a few months now. Nice to see so many wood freaks, and know I don’t have some rare “wood” disorder. I’ve burned wood for about 7 years now but with just a small wood stove in the living room. (I burn about 4 cords a year) It’s really helped with the fuel bills but after this last winter I decided to pull the oil furnace and put in a wood furnace in the basement. (I still have a L.P. furnace as a back up) I put in a US Stove Company Hotblast 1400. I dropped a stainless steel liner with an insulated blanket down my brick chimney(about 25'). My wood stove is on its own class A Chimney. I fired my wood furnace for the first time this morning with a small break in fire. Everything seems great. My question is setting my barometric draft regulator. The furnace manufacture says to set it to obtain a draft of .05 -.06” W.C. under stable fire conditions. This is where I have it set now, but when I measure stack temperatures I have about a 150 degree drop across the draft regulator. So I guess my question is how I maintain my stack temps where they should be if my draft regulator is set correctly.

    Thanks for any help and the great site,
    Butch from Wisconsin
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    How cool is the stack getting upstream of the regulator? I would be most worried about getting the stack below 350 F and causing creosote. If you're over 500 coming into the regulator, you're a bit too hot. 150 sounds a bit high, maybe adjust it for about 100 degree drop over a normal fire.

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