• Notice to all BUYERS. You are buying at your own risk. If you do not know the seller then please be cautious and look for suspicious activity. If they ask you to mail a check/money order or pay with PayPal using the Friends and Family option, that is a RED FLAG. Your purchase will not be protected. Only pay with credit card or PayPal using the goods and services options. Do not fall for the excuse that they don't want to pay the PayPal fees. They need to account for that in their sales price.
  • To all USERS that think they need to police the site. New users that come to sell items are not always selling stolen merchandise. No vigilante or lynch mob mentality is permitted. You will be given infraction points if you accuse someone of selling stolen merchandise without hard evidence. You must have the stolen item report with a serial number and/or pictures that match the for sale item to make such accusations. Alert the moderators with your evidence and they will take care of any transgressions. If you do not you will be given enough points for a 3 day time out.

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SOLD!!!! Duce Built 372XT


Living Life to the Full
Nov 5, 2014
Building a XT and oe, do you need another one? Come on mark it sold!
Thought I marked it sold last night, I noticed it was set up a little different than the previous setup. I've been having problems getting a 403 code lately, that may have something to do with it, even installed the Catalina OS yesterday because of it. Then I cleared my cookies and I has access again, then I got the code again today, cleared 130 cookies and its working again. AS is the only site in having problems with :badpc:.