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Echo 510evl

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Dumpster saw enthusiast
Apr 5, 2014
Okanagan, BC
The mid 70's to mid 80's Echos are solid, gutsy saws. The only weak point was the electronic EVL ignitions in some cases. Regardless, they were equipped with all the features. VL's, in many cases, with additional manual pumps and external oiler and idle adjust. I run 452, 701, 702 and 750's whenever I can. Built to last longer than forever.

A CS-500VL getting it done this past summer. Full comp, semi 3/8's on a 16" UXL mount. Stud shims are cut from coils of extension springs. Previous owner from the mill ran a 24" skip. No problem. The oil pump design was common throughout much of the series from the 302's all the way up to the 6-cube offerings. Gushers.