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Want to Sell Fence Posts Matter T Shirt



Addicted to ArboristSite
May 17, 2016
Not here
It's Here!!!

The souvenir T-shirt in honor of the insanely long and infamous forum thread,
"So how much longer is this going to go on?" started by @chuckwood
Aka, The Fence Post Thread

Drama, suspense, romance, incest, and betrayal along with intermittent musical and video entertainment!
Long story short: Fence Posts Matter! :drinkingcoffee:

Thanks to @les-or-more for coming up with "Fence Posts Matter" idea. :numberone:

The T-shirt is high quality 100% cotton, men's size large 42" - 44" with good length for tucking, or just the right length for a women's night shirt, or beach cover up.

White cotton T-shirt with black design:
Wood fence outline with saying Fence Posts Matter

If you need a different size, let me know and I will list it for you.

Shipped USPS first-class mail same or next business day.

I have this listed on eBay
$9.99 + shipping

DSC04909.JPG fpm logo2.jpg fpm me3 - Copy.jpg