Friction Saver Through Tight Crotches?

Discussion in 'Recreational Tree Climbing' started by TreeViking, Jun 14, 2019 at 6:09 PM.

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    Hey all,
    Ive enjoyed reading all the posts and learning so much from the knowledgeable climbers here. One thing that I cant seem to find, is an answer to this - When installing a conduit style friction/cambium saver, how does one pass it through a tight natural crotch? Is this better achieved with the use of Ring-Ring?

    Ive gotten lucky with a few high, small window shots to a great TIP, but the crotch itself was just a tad too tight for the cambium saver to pass. Not sure if a ring-ring style would slip through better, if there is a technique that can be employed or if its simply a non-starter.

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