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Grapple truck uses

Discussion in 'Large Equipment' started by brut4c, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. brut4c

    brut4c ArboristSite Lurker

    May 28, 2011
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    I'm looking into possibly purchasing a grapple truck but I'm torn as to the size I should get.

    I need the ability to load my big wood more efficiently and stop using my material handler on my altec. A grapple would also allow me to send out a climber and groundie on seperate jobs while the bucket crew works on their own with the chipper and dump.

    If I were only going to use this for tree service work I would stick with a smaller truck such as an international 4000 series or freightliner Fl70 or 80 with a 18 or 20' box and as long of a boom as I can find. However, I see more potential uses for a bigger truck. We are located a long ways from anywhere so its ship in ship out. Scrap metal, lodge pole, firewood, Juniper posts, Juniper cants etc. are all shipped out anywhere from 130 to 400+ miles away. The smaller trucks are under powered and just cannot haul enough to be economical. The bigger trucks even with a pup are going to be little light on payload due to the fact that they are so heavy to start with but it would still pay.....I think. The big trucks are going to cost more all the way around and give up a little maneuverability.

    So those of you with trucks what are your thoughts? What types of work have you done with yours? Thoughts on access issues?How far have traveled for storm cleanups?

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