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Help understanding 046? 066? Purchase plz

Discussion in 'Modded Work Saws' started by Rous, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. Rous

    Rous New Member

    Feb 9, 2018
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    Hello arborists, I am pretty new to the whole tree service field and have been really struggling with my 455 rancher to keep up with the pace. It's worth mentioning that when it comes to saw identification and lineup I only know some basics, that being said, Ive seen a few saws that look like they would fit my needs, a friends ms460 sounds great and looks like a lightsaber when he's cutting with it, another guy uses a johnsered 460 champ older looking saw but they weren't kidding calling it a champ, it wipes the floor with my 455. So looking thru the Craig's/swap/marketplace a week ago a picture caught my eye of a rather meaty looking stihl. The listing said "fresh rebuild 066, new 24" bar/chain" but in the pictures the saw had a big fat 046 across the top, the asking price was 800!! Im sure some of you have 5x that into your saw, and i envy you, but 800 is currently out of my league, i dont even own a vehicle I've paid that much for, lol true story, im not into biggest or baddest, just gets the job doneist.
    Long story short i shot the guy a low-ball number, not to be rude, but because it's all I had $250 he laughed, told me to get effen bent sent me a middle finger emoji and we went our seperate cyber ways. Well today he messaged me, bill collectors bugging him i guess, we do some dickerin ends up I give him $250 and an old Gilson Lawn tractor that's been rusting into my back yard. So he's showing me the saw, and I don't know how to best describe the fellow, nice guy, loves chainsaws, talks fast, seems like he's spent alot of time with saws, ppl not so much, but he obviously loved this saw. I brought a gallon of non ethanol mix he filled her up, pulled a rag out of his pocket and cleaned her up like you would your 2yr old with a wet wipe. So he says only thing on this effer that's 046 is this brake, the cover and the fuel tank, I rebuilt this mother lover with all 66 parts,brand new 066 top, and bottom end, carb, muffler you name it it's all 66. But I still see a big fat 046 across the top so it didn't really mean much to me, fired it up after 3 or 4 akward yanks (makes pulling the 455 feel like my weedwacker) and man this thing sounds like it's pissed off. I haven't had the sinister shaky lip twitch grin in awhile but if it hadn't been dark I think old boy would have been a little worried . This thing feels like a beast, I don't know what my 455 is but this 046 ("it's an 066 man") excuse me this 066 they says 046 feels like a real effen chainsaw. So what I'm asking is, how do I identify what's what on this saw, for future service and maintenance reasons? Is there a big difference? How can I tell my saw shop to order me parts for an 066 when it obviously says 046 in big black letters , is he gonna be able to tell or is he just gonna bust my burls and say I bought a jiggy rigged frankensaw and refuse to touch it? It's just this guy was so adamant about correcting me every time I said 046, he almost seemed like I was spittin on his floor every time he corrected me but if it looks like a duck.......anyways any info would be great. I think I got a good deal, I was gonna list the tractor for 200 and take the first 50 someone waved in my direction. I've actually considered selling the saw on eBay and buying one of those johnsered champs and putting the difference into some nice chaps, and a better pair of boots but I don't even know what I would call it. I can't in good conscience tell someone it's an 066 when it's got a big fat 046 stamped on top. Thoughts? Wisdom? Or is someone going to tell me to go use the search function, to which I'll thank you and go my own cyber way. IMG_20180209_233027084.jpg
  2. Evan

    Evan Addicted to ArboristSite

    Jan 2, 2009
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    I cant help you but i know id for sure love to have it. Does decomp lone up or has ot been massaged to fit in 46 top cover.

    If i had to guess id guess its bigbore kit on a 46.
  3. Ryan'smilling

    Ryan'smilling Addicted to ArboristSite

    Mar 1, 2013
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    Western WI
    It's definitely a mix and match saw. I'm not much of an expert, and we'll need to see more pictures, but the 066/660 never had flippy caps like your oil cap, so that strongly points towards a 460 case. The tank is probably an 046, seeing as it's a screw cap. $800 would be totally nuts for that saw. I sold my 460 to a friend last year, which was pretty clean and all original for $500. Probably could have gotten $600 on Craigslist, but not $800.

    The 460 is a great saw. Good torque, not too heavy. Personally I'd keep it, if it's a good runner, and beg/steal/borrow for a pair of chaps. An older Jonsered might be a nice saw, but pretty much any Stihl shop will have parts for that 460 on the shelf. Jonsered is gonna stop doing business under that name in the US soon, and shops aren't real common anyway, so parts are gonna be tougher to come by.

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