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  • Please be aware that we have recently gotten a wave of users that, when researched, are found to be from Nigeria. They are trying to sell products and asking to be paid through Zelle or Venmo leaving users with no recourse if they don't ship the product. If you suspect this activity please contact admin and we will research their information to verify their location.

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Mister Wizard
Jan 21, 2007
Northwestern Wyoming
I use FedEx for all of my shipping except for small stuff that fits in the various USPS Priority Mail flat rate boxes. When I've used USPS for shipping saws to Canada they're always gotten to their destination..........................but I had to pay out the ass (ouch) to get 'em there.


ArboristSite Guru
Aug 14, 2014
I ship USPS to PEI.

The poor cow doesn't have to wait more than 10 days for guide bars.

I believe he is still waiting, two months later for the last bin of stuff shipped via FedEx from BWS-LLC.
Get your facts straight:D

It was 1 month

He received it yesterday


Tree Freak
Nov 18, 2009
BWS Shipping LLC ships with everyone

What they found works really well is to send a whole tote full of parts saws and parts to Canada and declair the contents is valued at $30.....

I guess Canadian Customs throws up red flags on a rubber made tote zip tied shut with a declared value of $30
Just when its half full of corn.