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SOLD!!!! Homelite VI-944. Private message me with correspondence.


ArboristSite Operative
Dec 17, 2015
Please private message me with any correspondence regarding sales, trades, or photo's of your saws.
I am selling, or possibly trading, my Homelite VI-944.
Open to cash offers, or might trade for Husqvarna, Echo, or John Deere saws.

The VI-944 has a 32" Oregon solid nose bar in nice shape... chain looks good also.
The saw runs on a squirt of pre-mix. I have not even had time to mix up some fresh fuel and see if it will stay running on its own... been sick the entire month of February.

The saw is in pretty nice condition overall. I will say there is significant carbon scoring on the piston, and the muffler and exhaust port had quite a bit of carbon built up. You might be able to run it this way, but if I were keeping it, I'd put a new piston in it. I squirted rust penetrator in the rings, and when you crank it, the penetrator squishes out on either side of the rings between the rings and lands... the rings appear to be moving freely and not stuck with transferred metal from what I can observe.

Give me some time to respond because I'm not near wi-fi as often as I'd like to be.