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henry r

henry r

ArboristSite Operative
Oct 6, 2019
nsw australia
Right i finally extracted the digit and have made some progress worth talking about.

I couldn't help myself and took the bottom of the transfers back further.

I was looking at it and realized i hadn't considered where the piston was when the transfers were doing thier business.
A quick look and there was the realization that the piston formed the other half of the port. Even with outside of the cylinder pulled back this area was by far the smallest section between the case and the port...

This time it was the pistons' turn to get chopped. More port cross section and less reciprocating weight.

Hopefully the extra port volume wont kill the bottom end.

All the cuts to the piston were sanded back with 180 grit wet and dry, hopefully this will remove any stress raisers from the piston.



Note the big heavy machining bosses and casting flash.

Roughly as the piston sits as the transfers open.




The angles on the piston could be layed back a little further but i didn't want to push my luck.

The cover screws are shortened ready to go.

Hopefully tonight the covers will be glued on.