Husqvarna 235 discovery

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    A friend brought me his fairly new 235 today to look at. The saw would start and run great for a couple minutes then it would bog down when you gave it gas and it would big under any load at all. He told me it had been this way since new and he considered it a piece of junk. Even the local Husky guy wouldn't touch it. I did a little research and found that this is a common complaint with this saw but I didn't find a definitive fix. Long story short, I confirmed that it performed the way he said and decided to dump the fuel since I didn't know how old it was and when I did, the clinker fell out onto the ground. I stuck it back into the fuel line and zip tied it, put in some fresh gas and it screams now. Easy fix. I have no idea how common this could be but if you have one of these saws that runs but will not take a load and dies and bogs constantly, you might check to see if the fuel line is just floating around.

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