I could use some input , 200 css water level

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    At the risk of being an alarmist, we have our first cold snap and as of right now the temp is 29*
    I was just out moving a pallet of wood with the tractor and I noticed the blower must have come on and as I watched the smoke/heat escape from the stove pipe (I have added a section of metal-bestos). Once I got done doing the wood, maybe 5-7 minutes I walked over the the stove and opened the front outer door, the blower was still on and I could hear the water boiling in the stove. The thermometer in the stove only read about 175 (not sure how accurate it is) I shut the switch off for the blower and then turned it back on, the blower did not restart and I stood there long enough for the boiling to stop. Now I'm not sure if it was coming from the door or the stove in general. I haven't had this happen before. (of course I'm not out there every time it comes on) I did some research on here and looks like it's common for the door to boil but from what I have read I should be moving enough water for that not to happen. I am running a Taco 009 on a short run, 50' from the house, 1 1/4" line to the house, 1" inside, not too many elbows and two heat exchangers and a plate for the domestic and it runs 24/7.
    My wood is two years dry, Other than checking the bladder can I check the water level through the ball pipe on top? And if so, how do I know where full is? The bladder seems to be 3/4 full.
    I would like to know if I have enough water in it to keep it safe.
    Thank you in advance,

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