if you have any thing for sale you could take it to the lebanon valley live stock market or carols a

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    if you have any thing you do not want any more i mean any thing
    you can take it to the leanon valley live stock market
    wed thusday first saturday of them month up on the hill
    thay accept any thing you dont want any more
    who knos you might get a check auction starts 9;00 am

    more info contact dave or carol
    [email protected]

    lebanon valklley live stock market
    237 freeport road
    lebanon,pa 176046


    carols auction very
    \has auction in the bulding and out side
    every thursday 4;30
    and thay accept items for sale wed and thursday in till 3;30

    plus thay have a food auction same time same building

    if you looking for firewood thay just had a sale thay were all most giving it a way hard wood
    some spit some not 5 to 7.00 per load
    pine 1,00 per load

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