Want to Sell Johnsred CS2255 (Husky455)

Discussion in 'Tradin' Post info' started by Benjamin S Pendleton, Jun 10, 2018.

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    I bought less than a year ago in a pinch to finish a job. Not to long after that a limb fell on it breaking the main handle and brake handle. The muffler suffered a dent but no issues and the handles have been replaced and it has had little use since. It runs great with no issues but I have a fleet of stihl saws that I use so I don't need this one. Its scratched up from riding around in the truck but the guts are like new. It has only had ethonal free gas ran through it and only synthetic oil. Starts right up and idles with no issues. Can pull a 20inch bar fine. It's set up for a 3/8 050 bar.I want 265 shipped PHO. I'll include the 20 inch bar and chain for another 20 dollars.
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