Leaf Mold for Starting Walnuts, Pecans?

Discussion in 'Nursery' started by Canyon Angler, Jul 8, 2018.

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    Hey, all,

    Have a large black walnut and some mahan pecans growing in the yard and getting lots of walnut and pecan seedlings in the yard that I want to transplant in the fall to another nearby property.

    In meantime, in order to mow, and to get the seedlings to root out better, I plan to transplant them into 2 gal pots until I transplant them in the fall.

    Was considering Pro Mix for a planting medium but that stuff is expensive and I want to save it for other uses. Would screened hardwood leaf mold, mixed with local soil (fine sassafras loam) be acceptable for this, or would it be too acidic? (I would take it from non-wetland area of the land where seedlings will eventually be planted.) Would also mix in a small amount of Pro Mix, since it's supposedly inoculated with mycorrizhae...

    If the leaf mold is too acidic, would liming it help?

    Years ago, I worked in a nursery, and the medium we used seemed like it was mostly chipper mulch mixed with sand...

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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