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Staff member
Sep 30, 2013
The forum software has been upgraded to the latest release.
This release comes with a number of new features and improvements.

I hope you will find them useful.

Ignore Feature
You can now ignore members which will result in all of their posts being hidden.
To ignore someone click on their avatar and click on the Ignore link on their member card.

Alternatively, hover over or click on your user name in the navigation menu and select People You Ignore.

You can also navigate directly to the page via this URL: http://cliptheapex.com/account/ignored

Enter a member's name to ignore them.

To stop ignoring someone, click on Unignore on their member card, or remove them from your ignore list on your account page.

If you wish to view the content of someone you are ignoring, you can click on the Show Ignored Content link which is present in individual posts and on profiles, for content you have navigated directly to.

Or click the Show Ignored Content link at the bottom of each thread or profile page.

Before you try, you can't ignore staff...

...or yourself :D

Thread Title Text Area
The title area when creating a new thread is now much larger; this is to accommodate the new thread prefixes.

Thread Prefixes
Thread prefixes are a way of highlighting or identifying particular threads.

...and a Poll prefix which is available in most of the other forums.

Clicking on a prefix within a forum will filter all threads with that prefix.

You can now report Conversation messages.
Click the Report link which can be found at the bottom of each message, adjacent to the time stamp.

The search system has been expanded and improved and consolidated into one single search box.

It is now possible to search profile posts and members from the main search system via the Search Profile Posts and Search Everything tabs.
You can also search within a thread, something which wasn’t possible until now, along with some pre-defined Useful Searches.

The content type is now indicated in the search results, as well as any matching member names which are displayed in a sidebar.

Permalink / Share
Clicking the Share link in the bottom right corner...

...will now bring up an overlay like so:

This overlay can be used to share the post on various social networks, as well as copy and pasting the URL in BB Code or HTML format.
This should make it much easier to link to other posts.

In addition to the existing alerts which are displayed in the navigation area, there are now alerts which will be triggered without doing a page refresh; when viewing a thread for example and clicking on an avatar.
These alerts will be displayed in the bottom left of the browser window.

Clicking will focus the page on the main navigation alert area and display it in the dropdown menu.
These alerts will automatically disappear after 10 seconds.

You will no doubt have noticed the new, err, notices.
This is a new system which enables us to target different groups and members, to ensure pertinent information is seen.
Some notices will be visiable when logged out and some when logged in.
In most cases, notices which are visible when logged in can be permanently dismissed by clicking the X in the top right corner.

If there is more than one notice being displayed at the same time, the scrolling effect can be halted by hovering over the notice.
You can also click on the notice tab to display specific notices.

Warning System
So far, problems and issues have been dealt with in a very informal, ad-hoc manner, usually taking the form of a private message from a moderator.

We will now be utilising a formal warning system, which will allow for more uniform and fair treatment for all members.
This will avoid any claims of bias or favouritism and ensure every member is dealt with fairly and equally.

If you do receive a warning then please bear in mind the moderators are just doing their job in ensuring the rules are enforced.