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Discussion in 'Homeowner Helper Forum' started by stillhunter, May 23, 2019.

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    I have one a few feet from my deck. I've cut it off near the ground several times in 6 or more years, but it seems to come back w a vengeance each time. We had a huge one in the backyard @ the last place we lived we loved the shade and the smell of the flowers in bloom. My wife is very afraid of bees, but I don't think she's ever been stung........anyhow the tree has grown about 16' tall and seems healthy. It is growing over the roof.

    I was thinking I could train it to grow over the deck and provide shade and ambience to the back deck and I have already put strap on it and pulled it over the deck where it branches look like they will about perfectly spread over it. I suppose if it doesn't grow right or wanes I can just cut the tree down again.

    Any advice about this idea and the mimosa tree is appreciated.
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    We have planted 4, about 20 years ago. Now, they are everywhere! Hummingbirds love them when they bloom, and they're fun to watch, but those trees spread rapidly.
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    Your description sounds beautiful.

    But... Mimosas are a royal PITA

    That said, I too, love the aroma of the flowers and watching the birds and bees flit around it.
    There was one right up against the outside kitchen wall, almost coming out from under the house, that I cut back every year trying to kill - for 20 years. Round-up finally did the trick.
    Don't forget about the bazillion seeds one tree will produce and the bazillion seedlings that will come up all over your yard... and the neighborhood. They seem to be the cat of the plant species as far as reproducing goes. :D

    But I do have a large one in the front yard that is beautiful.
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    I like watching the birds and all like everyone else but other than that I don’t like them. They are invasive around my area and sprout up all over the place. My wife on the other hand loves them and wants more
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