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    An elderly woman returns from her doctor and proclaims that he said that you need to write lists to assist a failing memory.

    Her husband explodes with mild invective ending with “I’m NOT making any lists – my memory is OK.”

    While watching TV that evening, the wife says “I could just kill for a dish of ice cream.”

    “Me too” he exclaims as he totters toward the kitchen.

    “With strawberries and chocolate syrup” and then she adds “you better make a list!”

    “I saw the freshly cut strawberries and the Hershey’s chocolate syrup is on the top shelf in the refrigerator. So I don’t need your confounded LIST.” The old man bangs around the kitchen for 14 minutes and returns with two plates of bacon and eggs.

    His wife looks at her plate and stridently exclaims “See I told you to make a list because you have forgotten my toast.”

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