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Looking for Certified Arborists in the Niagara Region!



New Member
Sep 4, 2018
Safe Tree 2018 Recruitment

Who is Safe Tree?

Led by two highly qualified and recognised Arborists, Safe Tree is a professional Tree Service in the Niagara Region. With work in private, municipal and hydro sectors, Safe Tree is a year round operation that continues to grow. As one of the most dangerous land based jobs in the world, we take safety and training seriously. As our reputation grows, we are looking to add positive and hard working people to our Team.

What does Safe Tree offer?

· Experienced and qualified leadership

· Competitive wages

· Well maintained and clean equipment

· State of the art communication technology

· Supplied PPE and work uniforms

· Positive work environment

· Year round employment

· Training that exceeds industry standards

· Apprenticeship opportunities

What does Safe Tree expect from our Employees?

Safe Tree has a reputation for having hard working and polite staff. We strive to work in a safe and professional manner while still being a highly productive team. Safe Tree is looking for a Team Member who is Career oriented, has strong leadership skills and strives for excellence. As an arborist, they must be problem solvers, quick thinkers and able to accomplish both “outside of the box”. Safe Tree demands that all Staff be professional, punctual, and have a good work ethic. Toxic attitudes are not tolerated.

Are you the right fit?

Are you looking for strong leadership in a Team that cares and builds each other up? Are you looking for a career rather than a seasonal job? Do you have what it takes to be Safe and productive consistently? If this sounds like your mission, please reach out.

Contact Ivan or Harry. We are easily reachable at any time.

[email protected]

[email protected]