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Looking to purchase a sthil 028 woodboss

Anyone trying to sell a sthil 028 woodboss?

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Feb 19, 2016
I need a working sthil 028 woodboss chainsaw... any help is appreciated.... already been looking at ebay got burned once.
One of my favorites. Would recommend 028 Super depending on price or at least one with chain brake and electronic ignition. ( 'Electronic and Quick Stop' )

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Nov 14, 2006
Kamloops BC
I f you dont find one close by let me know, I have one .
Hasn't been thru a chain yet. The step plate between the tank and handle has a crack and there is a aluminum plate riveted to it.
Shipping from here is more than US. Has a Muff mod only. Would like to sell PHO if possible ,that save a bunch on shipping also.
Probably 50-60 or so to ship, just got a 346 from Ont to here was near $50
Not sure where you are located.
stihl0285.jpg stihl0281.jpg stihl0282.jpg stihl0283.jpg stihl0284.jpg