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Discussion in 'Arborist 101' started by MdStihl, May 14, 2019.

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    Hi, copied this from the Large Equp forum, thinking it might get more views. If I'm over stepping my bounds as the newbie, I do apologize.

    I've read most of the threads on here about the LR50 and their obsolescence. I have an opportunity to buy an '87 boomtruck for $3000. Truck is a GMC w/ a Jasper rebuild 366 in it, runs great, low mileage. I want to make clear I am NOT planning on doing tree work, I'm a farmer who works a day job. (and I ain't that tough) But I would love to have it on hand to work on the barn spouting, some broken windows, and trim back a few trees coming in the lane.

    In a year, I might put 100 hours on it, max, probably much less. And might even do what I need to do and re-sell it, or take the boom off and re purpose the truck (engine is strong and smooth, so is the pony motor) So anyway, here are my questions:

    Can those dreaded cables be inspected visually by me? I have always thought when cables get worn it's sort of obvious if you're looking for it; separation of strands, splinters in your hands if you run them down it, that kind of thing. If the cables look good, tight and smooth the whole length, are they safe?

    If an true inspection really should be done, who could you recommend in my area? Carroll County, MD.
    We have quite a few good hydraulic shops in the area, so I think I'd be fine in case I ever needed to replace some control valves or something like that.

    I like the truck itself so much I'm leaning towards buying it anyway, the more I think about it, and if the boom is not safe take it off. It's got a chipper dump on it also which works off the pony motor.
    Or, in the end, would this just be a $3000 lawn ornament? Your honest opinions are appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.
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    In addition to the cables are the structural components of the boom itself - cracks, weldments, rust are all areas looked at when inspected for OSHA lic. Never ever run a bare hand or for that mater even a gloved hand up or down a cable, one small( like microscopic filament) can do non repairable damage. I cut a vien a couple months back, some sort of metal or glass or ? chip in a towel that I was drying of with - lost over a pint maybe more of blood before I got it stopped. Vein because it was a constant flow not pulsing like an artery would. Nothing like standing in the bathroom squirting blood all over the place. Fortunately it accessible by myself. Bit scary when you live alone in the boonies. 911/ paramedics-likely 30 minutes out minimum arrival time. Tossed the towel out could not find said destructive item on/in it.
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    Do you need that tall a boom? Could you get by with an old telephone van. If you don't have much need for it, consider renting a man lift.

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