Made my 1st order with you guys this morning, forgot to ask something!!

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    What is the etiquette for contacting Nice Guy Dave regarding 'nitty gritty' rope questions? I don't want to catch him as he's trying to leave for lunch or something lol, because my Q's aren't things that are simply answered (well, I'm *hoping* they are for him!), I've been making threads on arbor forums and even a physics forum regarding dynamic loading in the context of ropes, I expect it could be a 5 or 10min call (if he's kind enough to entertain my Q's, I know it's not some guarantee, it's just that the guy on the Climbing Arborist podcast I listen to seems to be saying that Dave's there happily doing this very thing so I'd love to speak to him, learned much from his videos on youtube when I was just starting!)

    Regarding the order---- I'm a touch uneasy that UPS-tracking still says it's not received, but I know those systems are notoriously unreliable when it comes to updating-speed, but still I made the order this AM and was told it'd make today's mail, so if I'm being honest my 1st thing upon waking tomorrow will be eagerly rushing to the tracking-page tab I've got open to ensure my amazing order is en route (not only am I eager for the products in-general, but actually have a gig that I'm only able to do if I have a better bull-line so it'd be a major buzz-kill if there were any unnecessary delays, though with how great the service was on the phone my intuition is that it was shipped today & that UPS simply hasn't updated yet!)

    On the note of the service from today, the lady that helped me was incredible, I was purchasing a few of the <100' clearance pieces of Polydyne and I had to call in a couple times verifying things and she was just awesome, I'll refrain from naming her as I doubt all the employees are OK having their names online lol but it begins with a D and she was just tops, I will update this thread when I receive my order and will include an un-boxing album (I know, I'm a dork :p ), so long as there's no 180deg surprises I think you guys will be my go-to retailer for the rest of the remainder of my career (excepting rare exclusives like the Safebloc, I need another one and seems ebay & sherrill are my only outlets for that) but, provided my order arrives as-expected, I'll see zero reason to bother 'trying out' other retailers and will be a Wesspur-loyalist :)

    Thanks again for all you guys do, the clearance rope section was great for me I was able to get a 90', 1/2" polydyne and then a couple smaller but thicker polydyne lines, for my needs at the moment it will be a good setup, once I'm able to test the diameters through the Safebloc (got 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4" polydyne lines in my order) then I'll know which diameter is best and will be getting a 200' section from you guys of that poly, was initially intending to just get 150' of 9/16" or 5/8" but now I get to test the diameters, get to have the 90' 1/2" for immediate usage (literally letting me get my biggest job yet next week as it's blocking-down a bunch of Oaks at a client of mine's, I couldn't do large enough sections of it safely with my current line but with the Poly I can!) and after that gig - which'll probably take a week as it's going to be me and 1 other person doing nearly 10 Oaks - I'll be able to grab 200' of whatever was most-practtical in the Safebloc and, well, some other goodies as my wish-list has grown larger than it should be ;D

    Again, thank you sincerely for the service today, am eager to receive the order so I can officially be a wesspur-loyalist :D

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