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Makita DCS401

Discussion in 'Chainsaw' started by MakitaMan, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. MakitaMan

    MakitaMan New Member

    Mar 7, 2009
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    I admit, I bought this saw in Makita Blue because I've never seen one before and I knew that it was a Dolmar machine.

    I fired this new machine up last night and I was pretty disappointed in it. I realize I haven't given it enough break-in time but this saw was a real dog. I've broken in enough 2-stroke engines to to know that something wasn't right. Super smooth idle right off. Super dog from idle to full. At full throttle it ran great. I sawed a little and thought, this thing has got some potential. It really impressed me how well it felt and cut, but it was really disappointing in how crappy it ran.

    I've only been a member here for a day and only owned the saw for two, but I started reading some threads about this saw and what it needs.

    I pulled the muffler and drilled 3 holes, only 5/16" dia. in what I considered to be the right place to allow the spark screen to work but still give it some room to exhaust. I got the thinking from the messages I read here. I pulled the limiters and adjusted the needles to factory rec.

    WOW! What a difference!

    Thanks to you guys, this thing already sounds different, revs like it should, cuts like a knife through butter. I'm astounded how those minor mods made this thing run so much better.

    This site is an awesome source of info, because of you guys. Thank you for taking the time to post the information you do.

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