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SOLD!!!! MasterMind MS362



ArboristSite Guru
Apr 22, 2011
St.Anne Illinois
It's no shelf queen but runs good. Muffler had 2 holes poked in front when I got it. I welded them up and shark finned muffler before I sent it to Randy. Brake guard has crack and starter cover has a piece missing. Asking $500.00 PHO + shipping. Paypal as gift.

I posted this a while back and have since gained interest in selling again. I tried updating pictures to show I removed the larger dawgs but it seemed to be easier to mark as sold and repost. I reduced the price because I took off larger dawgs.

IMG_20191109_155407124.jpg IMG_20191109_155417285.jpg IMG_20191109_155435767.jpg IMG_20191109_155442127.jpg IMG_20191109_155505051.jpg IMG_20191109_155523073.jpg IMG_20191109_160337134.jpg IMG_20191109_163019210.jpg