SOLD!!!! McCulloch Model 73

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    McCulloch model 73 chainsaw. Its in overall good condition for its age. Missing some paint as expected. I got it to fire with a prime but I did not mess with it much more because of a back injury I am dealing with right now. I think with a little work this thing will run again. The manual oiler is still working and it has good compression. The bar is 34 inches and the chain is an old Oregon 1/2" Pitch chain. The only thing the saw is missing is the snorkel for the air cleaner. It also is in good shape underneath on the case where most of these models have a tendency to break. I haven't pulled the muffler as its been over 100 degrees the past few days. I can do that if someone is interested. Asking 400 plus shipping PayPal Friends and Family. Feel Free to PM me with questions, Thank you

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