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Model 7 repower options

Discussion in 'Morbark, Inc.' started by windwalker, Dec 6, 2016.

  1. windwalker

    windwalker New Member

    Dec 6, 2016
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    Pine Grove, Pa
    My Model 7 has a Wisconsin W21250 engine, still runs strong but burns a lot of oil. I put some ring seal stuff in this summer to limp me to the winter.

    I'd like to get the motor rebuilt, but I'm having a hard time sourcing parts. wondering if you can suggest a supplier for parts to re-build the motor?

    If not what would be a good alternative for a new motor? I've priced out a 25hp briggs commercial that looks like it may fit with minimal modifications. My concern with a new motor is the starter. The starter on the Wisconsin is huge, like a car starter, and rightly so, since it is turning over the motor and the chipper drum. I'm afraid a wimpy starter on a new motor that is just designed to crank over the motor with end up being a problem having to get the drum rotating too. Thoughts on this?

    Thanks, Mike

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