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Want to Sell MS390 W/non factory engine housing



New Member
Jun 3, 2018
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Runs Strong, oils. Gas tank had a hole in it so I bought a new engine housing off of Amazon and threw all the parts on it. Before I swapped it out I emailed stihl and found out it was made in 2006. The air filter is probably Chinese and maybe the ignition coil(looks quite new)? It could be stihl the guy I got it from had it dealer serviced regularly, and I don’t recall buying an aftermarket one. I rebuilt it 18 months ago and it’s been sitting, fired up in 3 pulls. Almost new Stihl Bar and Chain have maybe 20 cuts on them. Have no use for the bar and chain so I can’t do PHO, sorry. $250 plus $25 shipping PayPal F&F.