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My wife doesn't understand.



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Oct 21, 2008
I drive by places in the spring and some jerk has set fire to a ditch. Smoke is pouring across the road chokeing out the people in th ehouse that lives there.

Same thing in the fall the jerk drags all the leaves out to the ditch and smokes out the people living across the road or next door.

Would royally TICK ME OFF starting with a capital P. Belive me I would sic the law or fire Dept on them every chance I got.
Why not just drag the leaves to the back and pile them inside a fence to rot into mulch. Instead of burning he ditch grass every spring why not hire a Guy that mowes ditches.
I don't charge much for doing that and you do not chance the fire getting away or smokeing people out who live near by.

:D Al
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Oct 19, 2009
I have never burned a ditch. My neighbor nearly started a forest fire doing that one time when the wind took the fire the wrong way.

The grass sure is green though after a burn.

One time a marsh started on fire in the town where we lived. Holy crap the smoke. But I have never see such lush green reeds after it grew back.


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May 12, 2015
Concord, NC
Oh yeah?

Well, here's my idiot of a neighbor burning a quarter mile below my house on September 1st 2019 in Oregon, no rain for months, dead grass, everything dry, and an uphill run all the way to my house on steep ground and timber. Some people have no god-damned sense at all.
Completely different situation than the lady called on me for. I was burning in the middle of my back yard, nothing else around, closest neighbor 600 yards from me, and it had just rained for 2 days and not a breeze anywhere.

And also the responding fire fighters that showed up. They came back and looked at what I had going on, we chatted and the lead guy said why the heck did the lady call about this. I said according to my wife they moved out here from the city. He said well I guess they dont realize how we do things out here. I said reckon not.