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New growth on dead tree


New Member
Jun 8, 2021
Washington, DC
Hello all,

New homeowner and tree novice here. We had a lovely cherry tree in the backyard that fell over during a wind storm. Turned out there was a concrete slab directly below where it was trying to grow (and still a plastic casing around the root ball for some reason...). Anyway, we moved it to another place in the yard, and crossed our fingers, but after two months the tree seems pretty dead. I was in the process of pruning off the dead branches, in preparation for eventually taking it all down, where I noticed there were a few places where tiny green leaves were sprouting (see picture).

Could someone tell me what's going on here? Does this mean the tree is not fully dead? What would happen if I cut away the dead wood and just left the tree? Would these little growths turn into branches eventually?

Again, I'm under no illusions that this tree can be "saved"--I'm more just hoping to educate myself. I'm assuming we'll just take down the tree and plant a new one in the fall. In the meantime, I would appreciate any insight....


IMG_20210608_143153239_HDR.jpg IMG_20210608_143208329.jpg