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New member buying a Stihl 024 avs

Discussion in 'Arborist 101' started by G-Woody, Dec 25, 2016.

  1. G-Woody

    G-Woody New Member

    Dec 24, 2016
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    Nothern Mn.
    Hello fellow cutters, I'm new to the forum so first I say Hi to all.

    I have be reading many threads here by being steered in on google searches over the years but now can't find answers I need without asking myself.

    I have a few saws that are mostly older, just want to add another.

    I'm looking into buying a Stihl 024 AVS that looks well above average as far as the outside goes. It has the older solid white gas tank not the newer opaque gas tank, has one bar nut, no adjustable chain oiler, says made in West Germany and owner says the top cover saying Woodboss 024 AVE on it is original.
    He says he put in a new cylinder, piston, pin and rings. Seems like a very sweet saw but then I asked questions.
    I emailed him and asked if it was a 024 AVS or just the cover from an AVS on AV saw. He said it's the original AVS cover. Then he said he put in original 024 Woodboss parts not Super parts. He said "I don't see where it says Super on it anywhere." Also says it runs great, has the carb adjusted and it's ready to cut.

    He may have just cleaned up the old original parts but sales add says new parts.

    My question is with an AVS being a Super with a longer stroke how would standard 024 cylinder and piston work ? Seems like the piston should be smashing the head area.

    He hasn't gotten back with more answers clearing up what he did to it.

    Thanks for any help I can get.

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