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Discussion in 'Large Equipment' started by Jo Torres, Feb 22, 2019.

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    Hello All,
    Wondering if you guys and gals can help, I am new to the aerial lift business. Just wondering what is the best way to show people products and have a conversations on what is needed out there in the arborist field. I see bucket trucks is mainly used, we have towables that reach 85 ft now, and a lightweight 4x4 that can reach 92 ft. Just looking for feedback, I want to learn from the people that do this everyday and it will help me to understand better. I am not trying to push sales on here or spam people, I am looking to learn and hopefully with this knowledge I can approach business with our products. Questions to start with. Pros and cons of towables that are available now, which towable do you like, or dislike and why. Problems with bucket trucks that you had? Thanks for the help.
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    I’d like to know more about the light weight 4x4 plz sir

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