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Not a chainsaw but still a Stihl



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Jan 16, 2017
I'm working on an older FS44 edger. I've cleaned her up and put everything back together. Cleaned and rebuilt the carb. She won't fire unless I drop fuel into the carb. All gaskets are fresh and the carb is full of fuel when I take it apart.

This lead me to consider the impulse hole. There is no impulse line, only hole that runs through the reed valve plate and into the crankcase. The gasket is in good shape and seems to make a good seal but I'm everything I'm experiencing keeps pointing back to that dadgum impulse. It's giving me 125psi and spark is good. It's just like there is not enough vacuum to pull the fuel out of the carb.

I've tweaked the high and low adjustments as I've had one of these that was a bear to get tuned right. No luck with this one.

Any recommendations?

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