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    So we had a problem with IPS beetle or some type of oak tree killing borer beetle... it killed one of our old oak trees that was at the corner of our house this summer. Me being paranoid that the bugs were going to hatch and fly to near trees since we've had kind of a problem this summer I sprayed it down with a beetle killing insecticide but unfortunately had no luck... the tree did die. So I cut it up into firewood pieces and covered them... after weeks of sitting in a air tight container remove some of the bark only to find live larvae and beetles so I got angry and found some concentrated insect killer opened up the bottle and poured it in there all over it and sealed it back up... stupid on my part my I started burning and I couldn't get that smell out of my nose... so again weeks went by I opened it up the smell wasn't as strong and I debarked a couple pieces and still yet again live larvae beetles. My mom the type of person that doesn't want to waste anything even though there is firewood all over the place , it's sat out in the hot sun for a couple more weeks still no change live bugs glor. so here comes cold weather and we started using the fireplace... as a test we grabbed a couple of small pieces from the pile of wood that so I thought had been successful in killing the bug and put it in the fireplace.. right away I could smell the insecticide that I had put on there in the house... I have been looking up on Google looking up on forums and I can't get a straight answer that is strong enough for my mom to realize that NO we're not going to burn this wood in the house. Me personally, don't feel that it's worth the risk to burn something that could potentially be hazardous to our family just to save some firewood... I'd rather be rid of the pile and be done but can't seem 2 get it across to my mom that it's bad to burn it specially due to the fact that I can smell it once it's burning.
    Can somebody please help me out here and if it's not good to burn it how do I get rid of it safely?
    * the insecticide I put on there I can't remember the name but I think it had parentium in it it was a concentrate....

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